kratom leaf orgins

Understanding the Origins of Kratom: Everything You Need to Know

Origins of Kratom There are now an estimated 3 to 5 million U.S. citizens using Kratom. It has become increasingly popular in the last decade, which begs the question as to why that is? Kratom isn’t new by any means and has been used for centuries. So, why are we all now talking about it? In this article,…

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As a Kratom Beginner, Should I Choose White, Red, or Green Vein?

Kratom leaves and powder has become a popular tool for people to help regain their health, balance, and wellness. It’s stress-relieving, mood-boosting effects can help with a variety of issues, so it’s no wonder that people every day are considering trying kratom to see how it might help them. If you are considering kratom, you…

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