Green Rifat Kratom Powder

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Green Rifat Kratom Powder

Rifat Kratom is a much sought after strain because of its unique properties. It is much more potent than regular Kratom and is being introduced by several vendors into their product range.

At Cali Botanicals, our Green Rifat Kratom has been cultivated using the best practices and tools. We have imported from farmers with extensive experience in growing the tricky Rifat strain, and therefore our company should be your first choice when buying Green Rifat Kratom.

Our Rifat is one of the most potent Kratom powder present in our product range. It has a high concentration of Mitragynine alkaloid that is characteristic of Rifat Kratom. The potency of this strain is famous amongst our product range. Place your order with us today and get the best quality authentic Rifat at your doorstep.

Why should you opt for Cali Botanicals?

  1. As Rifat Kratom is a genetic variant – there is a need for experienced personnel when it comes to farming this particular strain of Kratom. We understand this and make sure that no inexperienced hand touches our Kratom.
  2. In case of a wrong or unsatisfactory order, we welcome positive criticism and urges customers to contact the brand within 20 days of the purchase they have made for a return or refund.
  3. We test all our products from independent third-party labs to ensure that nothing of low quality reaches our customers.



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