Premium Bali Kratom Capsules

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Premium Bali Kratom Capsules

Premium Bali Kratom strain is so-called as it was first grown in Bali. We at Cali Botanicals obtain the freshest leaves from the veteran farmers of the Indonesian islands. These islands have thick jungles that embody the idealistic hot and humid environmental conditions needed by Mitragyna speciosa for optimal growth. Premium Bali Kratom strain is one of the best selling kratom strains and has earned users’ attention in a surprisingly less time frame. Combined with our highest quality standards of procedure, we ensure to provide our customers with the purest kratom strains online. We supply the kratom strains without delay to preserve their freshness and originality.

We offer capsule bottles of four different sizes

  • 30-capsules
  • 50-capsules
  • 80-capsules
  • 200-capsules
    Each capsule contains 0.665 g of kratom powder.

What benefits will you get if you buy from Cali Botanicals?

  • We are qualified for having a strict standard for quality control
  • All our products are tested for purity and contamination from heavy metals
  • We offer kratom that is free of fillers and additives
  • Our batches are third-party certified
  • Our sealed packaging retains the freshness for longer

Buy from Cali Botanicals now, and we promise to meet all your expectations!

Our premium Bali Kratom capsules are a top-selling strain. We always overfill our 00 caps. Each capsule weighs approximately .595 to .665 grams


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30 Caps, 50 Caps, 80 Caps, 200 Caps