Kratom Supply in Crisis

FDA shutting down kratom supply line

Earlier this year, a report by the Food and Drug Administration was released. Labeling kratom as a health risk and placed the kratom tree in the opioid family.

Saying it has the same potential for abuse as heroin, oxycodone, or morphine. For the record, the kratom tree is a member of the coffee family.


Since then, the FDA has begun confiscating shipments of kratom that enter the United States. Making it increasingly difficult for companies selling kratom products to continue doing so.

All across the country, kratom companies are having to raise the prices of their powders and extracts because of the losses being incurred as a result of FDA actions.


Advocates and scientists working with the American Kratom Association have been outraged at these recent government actions. And are speaking out against the invalid allegations made about kratom by the FDA.

Among these false allegations was that kratom had been the cause of death for 37 people, and opioid addicts began as kratom users. Neither of these claims, however, were able to be proven with any sort of valid evidence.


While the FDA continues to ban kratom imports and makes it increasingly difficult for consumers. And businesses to purchase and sell this life-changing, life-giving substance.

Keep in mind that the process required to classify kratom. As a schedule one drug is a long, arduous and difficult one. This informative and organized video explains what governmental processes need to happen in order for kratom to be made illegal.


For now, it seems that the kratom community’s major focus is to elevate the public’s knowledge on kratom benefits and to clear up the false accusations being made by the United States DEA.

In the meantime, kratom prices will continue to elevate due to the immense difficulties being faced in order to attain it. 

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